About us

Internetworks, doing business as INK Solution, is a computer  networking training online institute which provide career and professional development courses via variety of training programs and courses which Cisco offers at all levels (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE).

INK Solution provide online training, freelance corporate on site training's, and video training's on all Cisco modules. our vision is to be the most trusted and preferred hardware and networking online institute, and our mission is to deliver world-class training on all Cisco technologies.

we are committed to generating globally competent IT professionals through our pioneering teaching methods, advanced courses, exceptional faculty and thought leadership in IT education.

INK Solution is managed and operated by Edger Clement Francis, CCIE Technical Instructor/Network consultant. he has experience ranging from operating and maintaining PCs and peripherals to network control programs for multi-faceted data communication networks in LAN,MAN, and WAN environments.

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